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January 17, 2015
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January 3, 2015
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December 29, 2014
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After over 30 years as a prime mover in the field of home renovation — from hosting the first national home renovation TV show in North America, to a diverse career in radio and TV broadcasting, to his industry-leading work with regulatory, corporate and government agencies — Jon Eakes is still most interested in spreading knowledge about ‘the important basics’ — the fine details (and sometimes extended discussion!) the other guys leave out. Jon helps homeowners and trains contractors. This site looks simple, but scratch the surface and you will find the most extensive home improvement encyclopedia on the web with a special emphasis on cold climate housing.  Want more about who is Jon Eakes?  Click here.

A breakthrough in the Smart Meter, Cell Phone, WiFi debate

Research from the InVitro labatory at the Royal Victoria Hospital, part of McGill University, has demonstrated that very low powered electromagnetic fields do effect human cells, changing the DNA. This discovery may lead to new cancer treatments but at the same time demonstrates that Health Canada's position that EMF have no effect on human health is wrong. read more….

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    Opting out of Hydro Quebec's Smart Meter program and alternatives

    Alternatives to paying hydro to not install a smart meter In Quebec as in some other jurisdictions, the electrical utility has opened the door to refusing the installation of Smart Meters by consumers -- but at a consideral penality.  Initially, in 2012, Hydro Quebec is imposing a $137 char...