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  • Staining outdoor wood.

    Albert Bacci of the Noble House Coatings company in Toronto came to the TV studio to share his experience in applying outdoor stains.First rule, if there is mill glaze (that washer board look caused by the planing blades in the lumber mill) on the boards, you must sand them off or no stain wil...
  • Mark your post hole digger for depth.

    Sam from Kamloops, BC suggests putting depth markings on the arms of the post hole digger so you know how deep you are as you dig.
  • Digging Post Holes Perfectly

    Jon welcomes Ron Sheppard of Perfect Post Hole in Toronto, a company that will come and use its power equipment to dig your fence or deck holes for you. If you want they will also install the posts.A service like this is a perfect example of how to combine hiring a contractor for the hardest wor...
  • Table Saw Basics

    Basic Cross Cutting

    Table Saw Basics

    Dressing the Table

  • The Donaldson Hole Digging Technique

    What are you doing Mr. Donaldson with your shop vac in the garden?He is showing me the Donaldson Hole Digging Technique. You loosen up the dirt in the bottom of the hole with a spike, shovel or even one of those garden soil turning spikes. Then you sit down in your chair and vacuum up the lo...
  • How do you repair the rotten top of a cedar fence post?

    When our camera was out in the renovation centre, one viewer posed the problem of having a cedar fence with the top foot rotten but the rest in good shape. Of course this was probably caused by a square top cut not being protected by a fence post cap. Look around and you will see that most fenc...
  • Speciality gate / door latches

    Have you ever tried to run a string up from the gate latch, through the post and then put a ring or something on the outside. Of course it gets stuck in the wood or breaks, requiring you to either go through the house with your muddy boots, or over the fence.So finally one of those inventive ...
  • Table Saw Basics

    Line-up and Adjustments

  • I have heard that even stainless steel screws will rust.

    There are interesting stories about most fasteners.The standard galvanised nails should not be used with Cedar because the titanic acid in cedar will react with the galvanisation. Just as Aluminium nails should not be used with pressure treated wood.Many new coatings exist that work even better,...