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February 2, 2019

Topics: Fixing a broken kitchen door panel where the European hinge attaches - and getting paino hinges to not fall off; Changing from oil hot water to electric baseboards -- how to choose good ones; Mistery whoo whoo sounds at night; Hot Water tank on old glass 30A glass fuses, should I change to a newer type of fuse -- NO; Washing machine smells after the rinse cycle -- clean the tub with Oil Lift; Caller has whoo whoo sounds from diesel train engins and cargo ships near-by; Where to find a wood turner to make replacement decorations for the staircase -- Google "Wood Turning Montreal"; Circuit Breakers melted down; How to get more even heating from hot water central heating in a building -- get a more sensitive zone valve.

Sunday: Connecting a generator to certain select circuits in the house during a power failure -- the Transfer Switch.

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