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Using Resilient Channels

Installing drywall panels onto resilient channels is one of the first lines of defense against sound transmition through walls or ceilings.

Here is a summary overview of their use.  Notice there are more details in one of the videos which follow.

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Gordon Chew on May 07, 2014 22:01

We are restoring the historic Snyder Mercantile building in Tenakee Springs, Alaska. The owner's residence is upstairs so we have resilent channels crossing the joists, 5/8" drywall then goes on then 5/8" of old growth recycled fir t&g. My question is about fastening the t&g. We don't want to screw it to the joists which would defeat the resilient channel concept I reckon. Can we just glue it with construction adhesive and throw a finish nail through the tongue into the channel to hold it until the glue sets up?

Really appreciate your opinion on this.
Thanks , Gordon

Hello Gordon,
Yes you can glue the t&g to drywall. If you want to avoid the finish nail -- use Quick Grab adhesive. No nails needed.
-- Jon

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