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Creating Tapered Joints

How to turn a "butt" joint into a "tapered edge" joint -- creating a valley for compound and tape.

Why bother? This technique allows for a wall or ceiling that would normally have a "tape bump" to be perfectly flat. That could be important under certain lighting conditions, or when a straight edge like a counter will expose even the most flared out butt tape joint.

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jon on December 13, 2013 13:20

Joint compound and even hard plasters have very little strength so the slightest vibration or movement of the panels would create a crack in the joint. The taping is what prevents the cracking and the compound only glues the tape into place and allows for smoothing it out flat. Look at the video to the left: Taping Joints / Paper or Fiberglass Tape?

Michael on August 22, 2013 17:40

Why bother taping butt joints at all? What does tape add that you really need? why not just mud the joint?

Wim on September 18, 2010 18:55

This was an very handy tip never would have though about doing it this way.thanks

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