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Eco-Ice Grip -- Treated wood chips for slippery ice

This is one amazing product.  Softwood wood chips with just the right mix of magnesium chloride to help the chips to melt into and stick on the ice - making the safest icy walkway I ever walked on.  This is a Swiss invention and Canadian distribution is just beginning. 

I used it the last half of last winter, and it was unbelievable. It stays put and if a lot of ice builds up over it, you may need more, but when it begins to melt, the chips float to the surface and then freeze right there where you need them.  If you have very cold hard ice, fresh chips may not stick right away.  Add just a bit of regular deicer or salt to the surface just to get the chips wet and then they stick for the rest of the winter. It is pH neutral for your plants and pets.  At the end of the winter, just vacuum them up and although they will be lacking the magnesium, you can mix them with a new supply the following winter. More details on their website --

If you are looking for information on de-icers, follow this link.


Still a start-up operation here in Quebec and Ontario, the company is quickly getting local distribution one outlet at a time, so I will be filling in this article, complete with photos and video from last year but for the moment I just wanted to create a landing page as to where you can buy it right now.  This page will be updated frequently as we get into this winter - 2020.

As this catches on I am suspecting that the municipalities will start switching from salt for our sidewalks to more effective, longer lasting and natural wood chips.  We will be seeing more of Eco-Ice Grip.

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