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Controlling Insects

When faced with an invasion of insects, the first thing to do is to determine if this is a variety of insects that are easy to deal with yourself or do they require a professional. For instance it is important to distinguish between insects that migrate in and out of the house and hence can often be cut off with simple products like diatomaceous earth, which is a non-toxic power that scratches the unprotected bellies of crawling critters, which causes them to dehydrate and die -- and insects that create nests inside your walls, like carpenter ants, and you need a professional capable of getting to the queen.

To avoid the expenses of a professional for something simple, capture one of the insects in a jar, preferably alive and not squashed. If you see two or three "varieties" such as some with wings and others without wings, they may be the same species or two families visiting at the same time; capture samples of everything you see. If you don't feel capable of catching them, place fly paper in their path, they should be there waiting for your examination the next day. Then either use the internet to identify the critter, or take it to a professional exterminator shop. This is usually better than taking it to the local hardware store, simply because of the difference in experience and qualifications of the person behind the counter. Now you can get advice specific to your unwanted visitors, and only spend the money you need to spend.

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